2008 Secrets of the Elements 2: The Unfinished Universe

Part 2 followed with another mixture of painting, collage, print, and sculpture.  25 elements brought home the mysteries of an unfolding cosmos. Boron, stuff of ancient stars, washed dishes—and got silly in putty. Silver poured tea for leopards, in London. Chromium spoke in rainbow tongues. Calcium metaled landscapes with a dazzling smile. Tin took the viewer to the secret land of Belerion. Americium was the radioactive lifesaver, in homes from Nome to New York. And Zinc was Casanova’s metal of desire.

Iridium 77

Archival Pigment Print on Vinyl Mounted on Aluminum

20 x 32 inches

Bright Iridium

coats the planet  and twilight

comes for sauruses


Lithium 3

Encaustic and Oil on Clayboard 

18 x 24 inches

I am my north pole

south of my south flying east

west all directions

up and down and down and out

without my Lithium stone


Osmium 76

Graphite and Oil Pastel on Birch

18 x 24 inches

Sharper by a nose

Osmium remembers words

to tunes and prints from

fingers even where it was

the moment the earth was born


Polonium 84

Archival Pigment Print on Duratrans Mounted on Lightbox

24 x 18 inches

Madame Curious

and Daughter found me fatal

deadlier by trills

than all the cyanide in

their native Polonium


Silver 47

Archival Pigment Print on Vinyl Mounted on Aluminum

30 x 30 inches

In London leopards

stir their tea with silver spoons

most genteel of spots


Tin 50

Archival Pigment Prints on Galvanized Steel and Aluminum Cans with MDF

28 x 36 x 6 inches

Phoenicians set

sail finger to lip on waves

of memory  hide

the way to Belerion

and its secret Isles of Tin

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