2015 Secrets of the Elements 4: Time's Arrows

In Opus 4, art and haiku met again at the corner of Aluminum and Radon—where the land yacht sailed and liquid sunshine poured from the ground. Nail polish made Bismuth fingers pretty in pink. Pinto beans talked Molybdenum. Palladium made a paradise for thieves. Copernicium made the earth move. Einsteinium thumbed a ride through time. Gallium melted hearts—in the hand. Gold, real gold, flew on angel’s wings. And tick tickety tock, Caesium turned atomic clocks blue in the face.

Gold 79

Archival Pigment Prints and Mylar Mounted on Wood

42 x 28 inches


flesh of the angels is Gold

Ask an alchemist


Hafnium 72

Archival Pigment Print

12 x 16 inches

Neutrons gone giddy

Hafnium slays the dragon

a slow bleed of veins


Indium 49

Archival Pigment Print on Vinyl Mounted on Brushed Aluminum

30 x 30 inches

By the brilliance

of his blue scent you’ll know him

pearling incense trails

Poor metal Indium rich

enough to bend a god’s ear


Molybdenum 42

Archival Pigment Print

16 x 12 inches

Pinto kidney red

black navy Molybdenum

mother tongue of beans


Neptunium 93

Archival Pigment Print

12 x 16 inches

Tide rises tide falls

'tween high boil and melting neap

Neptunium rules


Palladium 46  (detail)

Five Direct Impression Prints on Brushed Aluminum

24 x 40 inches

In a paradise

for thieves Palladium Zap

breathes life into air

but Whammo she’s gone girl gone

nicked in a sawn-off minute

Radon 86

Archival Pigment Print on Duratrans Mounted on Lightbox

24 x 18 inches

Hot springs forever

life in a Radon bath  Ahhh!

My liquid sunshine


Ruthenium 44

Archival Pigment Prints and Beeswax on Stained Birch and Cherry

50 x 12 x 12 inches

Neither east nor west

here nor there  Europaland

dead mittel and edge

Ruthenium’s blood wet hills

no one can find on a map

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