2011 Secrets of the Elements 3: Dark Matters

Dragons, poisons, fissions: 27 elements used ink, acrylic, glass, wood, paper, metal, noble gas, beeswax and silk to say Nighty-night to Tungsten, or light as we know it. Asked the pool boy to wear something other than Chlorine. Alerted Mercury to the madness of hatters. And ratted out Thalium for murder most foul. The Washington Post gave Dark Matters a rave. Ingenious, it said. Clever, versatile, amusing. “They approach life’s basics with a fundamental lack of respect.” (Artist and poet liked that.)

Chlorine 17

Chlorine 17

Archival Pigment Print on Photo Paper Mounted on Board

24 x 16 inches

Over here splish splash

girls are dangerous when wet

next to pool boys too

godly to wear anything

but Chlorine in the water

Meitnerium 109

Acrylic on Polystyrene Panels, Antique Purse and Prints

39 x 28 x 16 inches

Lise Meitnerium

flew  10 marks and an atom

bomb lining her purse


Mendelevium 101

Archival Pigment Print on Vinyl Mounted on Aluminum

26 x 20 inches

In Moscow no one

forgets Mendelevium

the periodic

table maker  Trains arrive

every 90 seconds


Mercury 80

Collages on Archival Pigment Prints on Vinyl Mounted on Aluminum

38 x 54 inches

Madness of hatters

hot bloodedness of dragons

Mercury rising


Rubidium 37

Archival Pigment Prints on Vinyl Mounted on Plexiglas and Sintra

24 x 18 inches

Rubidium red

fireworks explode loud as love

if love had a sound


Thallium 81

Acrylic, Board and Archival Pigment Print Mounted on Birch Panel

28 x 16 inches

Rat among poisons

riding a pale horse  Murder

most foul Thallium


Tungsten 74

Archival Pigment Print on Duratrans Mounted on Lightbox

24 x 18 inches

That’s it  Last flicker

End of light as we know it

hanging from a thread

You gave such a lovely glow

Nighty-night Tungsten  Sweet dreams


Xenon 54

Noble Gases, Glass, Print

on Sintra 

36 x 27 inches

Xenon rockets sail

the spacey blue  Dark matter’s

infinite tundra


Californium 98

Archival Pigment Print Laminated on Skateboard

9 x 37 inches

Axes pick  oil slick

49ers Midas-bright


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