2019 Secrets of the Elements 5: At Infinity's Edge

Even in a universe of infinite possibilities nothing lasts forever (or does it?). Secrets of the Elements was complete in 2019. Featuring Radium, Sodium, Krypton, Titanium--plus on the far end of the table, Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine. Something to celebrate. Fifteen years. The fifth of five parts. All 118 elements in the known table. Beyond?  Here be dragons

Oganesson 118

Archival Pigment Print on Vinyl Mounted on PVC

18 x 18 inches

Where gas goes solid

end-of-line Oganesson

and here be dragons


Lanthanum 57

Direct Impression Print on Brushed Aluminum

20 x 34 inches

Lanthanum bedtime
stories   better than carrots
on a no moon night


Bohrium 107

Direct Impression Print on Brushed Aluminum

20 x 20 inches

Neils Bohrium leaps
quantums of mathematics
a red sea parted


Cadmium 48

Archival Pigment Print on Bristol

24 x 26 inches

Gangstas of color

Cadmium bloods and yellows

make killer paintpots


Radium 88

Archival Pigment Print on Duratrans Mounted on Lightbox

18 x 24 inches

Our Lady Marie

lays on her Radium hands

a cure for the dark

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